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  • Utilizing participation in sports for young men and women for the purpose of instilling positive personal qualities and proving constructive leisure activities.  Fundamental clinics dealing with various athletic sports (football, basketball, baseball, track, etc.) will be held to help develop the basic athletic skills needed to understand the importance of body position, footwork, proper stance, and rules of their prospective sport.  Cooperation, sportsmanship, and fair play will be taught and enforced at all times.  Seminars will be provided to discuss the importance of teamwork and respect.  Also, group discussions will deal with how sports can relate to life situations as well as how to deal with adversity and the proper way to overcome problems surrounding professionalism and honor on and off the playing field.


  • Focus Groups/Positive Character Education will be held throughout the year to educate the student athlete regarding character and attitude in life and sports.  These groups will meet quarterly to help educate and build character among its participants.  Upon entering college, the students will know how to conduct themselves in a respectful manner and will apply courtesy and discipline as principles to live by.  Also, students will develop great social skills that will aid them in becoming positive and productive citizens.


  • Drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention seminars will provide training on alcoholism, drug addiction, and prevention.  Seminars will be conducted for parents and their student athlete to educate them about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse occurring in high school and at the collegiate level.  Brochures and documentation will be provided about the misuse of various drugs/alcohol products (steroids, beer, liquor, and tobacco products including cigarettes, nicotine, and marijuana).  Speakers (college coaches, health educators, and current and past athletes) will hold seminars and will demonstrate through role-play the different ways drugs/alcohol substances can be harmful if taken voluntarily and or by force.  Preventive measures are designed to steer athletes away from the perils that result from drug and alcohol usage.  


  • Tutoring services will be available to all athletes who have not met the minimum required scores on the SAT or ACT exam.  Our company will provide the additional support needed to boost scores while broadening the number of colleges and universities choices for the student athlete.


  • Mentoring programs will be established to partner athletes with members of the community to empower our youth through positive networking and creating a support system.  The mentoring program will focus on dealing with life after college.  The program will discuss how to prepare for job interviews, how to dress for success, how to write a resume’, and how to use grammar correctly.  Mock sessions will be held to assist the athletes with hands-on sessions to better prepare them for citizenry.  Having self-esteem and maintaining a positive outlook on life will be emphasized.


  • Providing information to the student athlete interested in pursuing a sport or a sport related career would occur. This service will help with the decision making process for the student athlete who would like to one day have a career in sports.  Whether the student athlete is seeking a professional sports career or is seeking a career such as coaching, sports medicine, personal training, or physical therapy, valuable information would be conveyed through conventions, seminars, job fairs, and interviews.


  • Researching scholarship information would allow access to financial aid forms and other grants for the student athlete as well as for the parents to help all parties involved make informed decisions.  Seminars will be held quarterly to explain NCAA rules as it pertains to grades, SAT or ACT scoring, and NCAA clearing house information.  Dates and deadlines for returning forms will be given in a timely manner to ensure that every avenue can be taken to assist the student athletes and their parents in order to ease the transition from public school to higher institutions of learning.


Overall, C & C Sports Recruiting, Inc. through a host of programs, seminars, and community involvement seeks to meet the academic, athletic, civic, and social needs of students as they progress from high school to the post secondary educational level.    


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