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                       A Brief Listing of Our Student Athletes


C&C Sports Recruiting, Inc. is a sole proprietor organization that was founded in 2000 by Coach Corey C. Donerlson Sr.  


Corey Donerlson is a former athlete that wanted to give back to the community by helping young men and women obtain the right to attend college based on athletic talent and academic merit.  While coaching, Corey noticed that a lot of athletes who had potential to receive athletic scholarships for higher learning were not receiving the help they needed.  Corey took it upon himself in the year 2000 to help all types of sports athletes achieve their dreams of receiving a college education.  After having success with 3 athletes, Corey’s reputation began to grow and parents from near and far began to call on Corey’s services. He was new to this line of work he did not have funding to help so many people. This did not stop him from helping student athletes achieve their dreams.


At C&C Sports Recruiting we are a community based organization that meets the needs of low-income families with high school students interested in sports careers. We have the opportunity to partner with others in our community to teach and motivate children in these areas. In June of 2003 C&C Sports Recruiting was incorporated for operation that is geared towards helping student athletes obtain higher education through athletics. The same year thirteen student athletes were signed and awarded higher education scholarships. Another major milestone was achieved in 2016 when C&C Sports Recruiting, Inc. attained the sole proprietor documentation that was needed to receive contributions from various corporations in the world. 


In addition, we offer mentoring programs to help aid in the students athletic growth and knowledge about life on the collegiate level and how to function as a student and athlete.  Banquets are held where students receive awards for educational and athletic achievement.  Wellness clinics are held quarterly throughout the year to explain the recruiting process to the parents and students athletes.  NCAA rules, NCAA clearing house information, SAT & ACT seminars are provided by our tutoring staff.  Focus groups and wellness clinics were provided as well to help educate parents and student athletes about how to deal with life on the collegiate level and how to prepare for life after college.


In the year 2004, twenty seven student athletes were signed for higher education. C&C Sports had our very first female volleyball player accepted into Fayetteville State University in 2005. Overall, dating back to 2000 C&C Sports has assisted over 140 students athletes to higher education through athletics.  We really enjoy making a difference in the lives of students and families in the world. 


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